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Sean Gospel - Good Times With Bad Acid (CASS)


Sean Gospel - Good Times With Bad Acid (CASS)


As a founding member of The Gospels as well as independent label Ghoulhouse Records, Sean Gospel is on a rock and roll warpath. His preceding release, caught attention of Austin psych-fiend blog Revolt Of The Apes. Saying, "Magnetically attracted to the mania of “Heart Felters and Face Melters EP” and its frayed and fierce fourteen minutes, delivering a new and improved cure for rock and roll pneumonia."

His debut full length, Good Times With Bad Acid (Ghoulhouse Records) swings wide as a garage rock slug-fest. One moment we are in the arms of pure 70's rock grime with songs like "Witch" and "Black Car" and the next, stilled by his haunting falsetto on tracks like "Tila Nook." Written, recorded, mixed & mastered almost entirely himself, Good Times With Bad Acid shines with the strength of DIY bravado. For fans of The Stooges, Oblivians and Ty Segall, Sean Gospel provides a new soundtrack with all the occult rock fix-ins you could want.

Sean Gospel's Good Times With Bad Acid is OUT NOW on Ghoulhouse Records.

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